Ready To Meet March

Last year, despite beautiful moments that will rest in my heart forever, it was predominately a monumental shitstorm. I can tell how bad a year has been by how many books I’ve read, and how many poems I’ve written. I can count on two hands how many poems were put to paper in 2016.

When the first of January 2017 rained in, I decided this year would be a year of transformation – creative, emotional, spiritual, mental transformation. And it has been thus far, although the transformations haven’t come all that easily. When do they ever though? Despite muddling along through the first few months, my world is turning, and turning for the batter. I want to make each month better than the one that came before. So I have a lot of dreams for March. (You can see my ambitions for the year here.)

Creatively & Professionally

  • Blog every day here. (Doing alright so far…)
  • Write 31 poems for my new collection.
  • Put together a collection of my best work from the past ten years and submit to publishers. I have several in mind.
  • Launch A Living Witch shop on Etsy selling books I’ve written, handcrafted things, vintage things and up cycled things.
  • Launch a shop selling thrifted clothes and housewares. (Ideally I would sell everything on A Living Witch, but Etsy have a policy stating that any clothes/housewares that have been thrifted need to be 20 years or older.)
  • Put in applications for more writing jobs so I can boost my income.
  • Put out the word that in the near future I’m hoping to establish a small press and would love some shadow sisters to get involved because I can’t do it alone.
  • Do as many photoshoots as possible with my witches at The Divine Weirdos so we can put on an exhibition later this year.
  • Re-work my solo poetry show.
  • Develop my cross stitch skills.
  • Put new products in my shops every week.
  • Finish my library pile. (Currently consisting of 11 books).


  • Learn something new every day.


  • Take better care of my body. (Still not good at this. I don’t make the time to moisturize my body, for example.)

Magically & Spiritually

  • Begin learning palmistry.
  • Experience the forest fully as it welcomes Spring home.

Love, Family & Home

  • Eat at the table whenever we have Tyra at home. (Doing good with this!)
  • Be more present. (Getting better at this too!)
  • Use up the blueberries in the freezer.
  • Buy cheaper food and cook healthier recipes.
  • Continue learning Swedish.
  • Buy in more herbs and spices that are beneficial to our wellbeing.

What are your ambitions for this month?






3 thoughts on “Ready To Meet March

  1. I’ve been following your blogs for many years, first on your writing/personal blog, then on your The Girl with Cold Hands blog, and now this one. I’ve always been inspired by your words, goals, and the way you keep going even when life tries to push you down. It’s helped me through difficult times of my own

    Now for the first time in my life, I find myself in a good position, both mentally and financially. I’d like to pay some of the karma forward to you through occasional donations if there was a way to do this through the blog

    I was wondering if maybe you could set up so you can receive PayPal donations for your blog?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am speechless right now…something that doesn’t happen often! Just need a moment. Okay, I’ve had a moment. Wow.

      I’m humbled beyond belief that you’ve been following my blogging journey for such a long time, and I’m honoured that the words I’ve been putting out into the world have been able to provide inspiration and emotional nourishment for you through the rough moments. It’s such a beautiful, warm, satisfying feeling to know that you’re doing well on a mental level and financially too. It’s one of those fist pump moments when you learn about life giving someone space to breathe and truly LIVE! It gives me hope my time is just waiting for me around the next hill.

      That you would like to donate has left me splitting my face with a smile, and simultaneously blinking away some fast flowing tears. I’m flattered and so extremely grateful! I’ll see what I can do about setting up a PayPal donation button on my the blog, and will post a comment here once I’ve figured out how it’s done! Thank you so, so much for this wonderful ending to the weekend! 🙂


    • Hi there! Just to update you on the donation situation…basically I tried FOR WEEKS to set up a PayPal button, but unfortunately my blog isn’t, for the moment at least, able to host one. *MASSIVE SIGH.* I have, however, created a Patreon page which can be found here: But if you would still like to donate straight through PayPal, I can take it as a gift via Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support. 🙂


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