When You Are Born

Today I was writing an article about terminally ill children. One story was particularly painful, that of an 11 week old boy who was diagnosed with terminal cancer…

I have been thinking about children a lot recently, and having a family so I started something this afternoon…it’s very rough, very rough, but I just needed to get something out.

When You Are Born
I imagine that I will lose
an ocean of blood
when your time as a hermit ends
and you venture
out from the dark cave
of my womb.
But I will hardly notice,
even when they’re sewing
up the holes made by your shoulders
Because all the love will disguise
all the pain.
I will learn of tiredness
like I’ve never known
and my nipples will become
tall as pyramids, sore as new teeth.
I will have gained
a perfect new adventure
in the most beautiful skin
I have ever seen.
Everything will be as exact as it should be,
and you will have plenty enough eyelashes
to keep away the dust.
I will be forever
imagining your freckles
as star constellations,
and will kiss each one
at dawn and twilight.
I will ache for the volcanic eruptions
of your cries, then for your forest lake of silence.
I will live to watch you watching me watching you,
I will not be afraid to let you see me cry.

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