My Arctic Library : Children Of The North

I was feeling so fucking sad the other day. Sad because of cruel people. Sad because of the dishonesty and lack of respect in the world. Sad because my head has been a difficult place to be recently. I wanted to scream until my heart burst.

But then the postman came with a package, and in a moment, I became gentle and soft and curious.  Inside was a bubble wrapped book, Children Of The North by Fred Bruemmer.


It had been sent by Mia, a reader of my blogs, and the second person to answer the call I put out to help collect all the books written in England about the Arctic. For a while I was able to forget about the hurt and focus instead of this beautiful act of kindness.

There’s something about books published in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Something special which is rarely there nowadays. It feels like more attention was paid to the little details back then, details like tiny illustrations running across the page borders. Details which help to bring a book to life.


Children Of The North was published in 1979 and features the exquisite photography and writing of Fred Bruemmer, a Latvian/Canadian researcher and photographer. He is the one behind that harp seal pup photo.


This book is a ‘compelling portrait’ of the offspring of the north, who are born and grow up in the harsh and unforgiving climate of the Arctic. I didn’t already own a book all about the children of the far north – yet I’m deeply fascinated by the little souls who thrive in the cold. So this book really is a blessing. I can’t wait to get my read on!

If you think you might be able to contribute to my Arctic Library and be a part of this ambitious dream, let me know in the comments or you can send a note to I would be ever so grateful!


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