Crystal Healing : Unblocking My Chakras

When I was 14 my mental and physical health was shit. I was emaciated, depressed and so fucking anxious the only times I wouldn’t tremble was when I was asleep.

My teacher at the time – one of the strangest but loveliest human beings I’ve ever encountered – noticed how painful life was for me. He noticed how much I was struggling with just being. 

I can’t remember if it was for my 14 birthday or if it was just a kind gesture, but one day he handed me a package and inside were several chakra bracelets.

They were, at the time, the ‘in thing,’ but that wasn’t why he’d given then to me…he’d given them because he knew just how much my soul needed help. Sadly, I was in such a bad state that they did little to help me.

But now, at the age of 30 my head is in a different space, and I’m more than aware that the thoughts I have are negative and unwanted. (When I was 14 I believed my thoughts were the good guys…helping me become light as air.)

You’d have thought, that by now, I would have mastered how to deal with unwanted thoughts, but believe me…you can do amazingly fucking well, and achieve an incredible sense of peace in your life…but then if you fail to maintain good habits and behaviors, the threat of relapse is all too real.

I talked about thoughts the other day…about just not thinking, and, while I’m actually doing ok with practicing that, there’s nothing wrong with making use of all the other tools I have available to me…including crystals.

I had the opportunity, the other day, to raid my mother’s extensive collection and found a chakra necklace which I may or may not have bought for her a few years back.

For those of you thinking ‘Chakra? What the fuck?’

Chakras are living energy centers that receive, assimilate and express life force energy. Every nerve and major organs in the body are connected to chakras. Our physical, emotional and spiritual health depend on how balanced our chakras are. Our energy is consistency moving and changing, either becoming excessive or deficient throughout the day depending what is happening. The ultimate goal is to keep chakras balanced and opened for positive energy flow. – Healing Place

The chakra necklace I’m wearing uses seven different crystals, with each one representing one of the chakras, including three crystals I have a particular closeness to – hematite which is hugely energizing, quartz which works towards an overall balance and amethyst which helps with knowledge gathering and mental organizing.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that’s its the most colourful thing I’ve ever had around my throat, I felt okay wearing it. Not as self-conscious as I’d imagined, but lighter, less weighted down with the imaginary problems I’ve been dragging around with me.

I’m going to keep wearing it for now…I’m intrigued to see how much better it can make me feel.


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