I Have Been Wearing The Same Boots Since 2010

I say the same boots, what I really mean is the same style. I’ve gone through 3 pairs of black French Military Ranger boots in 7 years, wearing them almost constantly.

I always keep my boots until the soles are so thin they let in water, and the leather is cracked enough that pieces of my socks end up peeking out through the cracks.  I’m not one of these women who will wear a pair of shoes and get bored of them within a few weeks.


If I buy shoes, boots, whatever – I need to love the shit out of them. I need to love them forever. I don’t like to buy needlessly. Anyway, I stuck with these boots because they became a big part of my character. Plus, they’re outrageously comfortable when they’ve been worn in.

My current boots are getting to the point where they’re going to need to be replaced, and I’ve been wondering when I should put in an order for them, but then something happened…

A little pair of red shoes from Office came along my way for free. Slipping them on…well, you’d have thought I was fucking Cinderella. There was very little of that self pitying whine of ‘oh, but they’re not black.’ I got over that pretty bloody quickly. I love this Oxford Style too much to be depressed about the fact they’re oxblood not black. I haven’t worn them outside yet, but when I will, I’ll be a proud woman walking.



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