Collaboration With Cult Of Slaves


So I have been writing poetry since the early 90’s, yet I’ve never seriously attempted to write song lyrics. So, it came as something of a shock when Folk Noire group Cult of Slaves sent a nudge my way, asking if I’d be interested in collaborating on their upcoming EP ‘She Wouldn’t Die.’

Holy Friday! Cult of Slaves announces collaboration with author and photographer Katie Metcalfe and partner Hravn Decmiester, songwriter and vocalist in the Borås, Sweden-based black metal band RIMFROST. Cult of Slaves‘ forthcoming EP “She Wouldn’t Die” (Sep/Oct 2017) will come with jointly written lyrics, poetry and artwork. – Cult Of Slaves

I agreed so long as I could have my partner in love and crime by my side. The difference with me and my man is that he’s actually been writing songs – and getting paid for them – for over a dozen years. I felt I’d be better equipped to face the task with him by my side. Thank fuck he agreed, and I’m going into this collaboration less scared shitless, and more eager about what storms we are going to conjure.




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