My name is Katie and I’m an English woman who has found herself living on the edge of a forest in Sweden with a Viking.

I am a poet, blogger, photographer, enthusiast of the macarbe and pagan witch with a Northern fever. I’m generally too wyrd for most people.

As a youngster I was ravenous for knowledge from the get go. I was extremely bloody lucky to have parents, grandparents, teachers and family friends who were forever feeding my hungry little spirit with pagan wisdom.

I was taught me about the healing power of crystals and how to use them. I was taught about the gods and goddesses of the Nordic lands and Native American spirituality. I was taught about the value of the seasons, and how to appreciate the offerings from each one. I was also encouraged to celebrate my strangeness.

In the years before the brilliant, but also fucking terrifying new age of technology, I buried candles in the earth in early spring and harvested vegetables in late summer. I carried handmade lanterns through darkened fields in autumn, and brought evergreen into the house in winter.

But then the internet happened, and I lost much of what I’d learned because suddenly ‘the time wasn’t there’ to bury candles in the earth or collect my own evergreen.

After the latest demolition of my psyche – I suffer with bi-polar, anxiety, et al –  I realised that if I wanted to re-gain my strength and then some, I needed to fully reconnect with the wisdom I’d been gifted with, and fully embrace my strangeness in every aspect of my life.

The North is where my spirituality lies, and is the predominant focus of my life. North has always been home. It’s where I find strength. It’s where I find joy. It’s where I find myself.

I was thinking about going off line, taking a sabbatical from the web for a year or so, and writing a book about my experiences. But after some deep thinking, I decided that actually, I want to share the experiences as they’re happening. Despite being solitary, I don’t want to miss out on the guidance I can receive online, and the special connections I can make.

I have ideas of where I want this blog to go. I have visions for it. But much of what prompted me to set it up in the first place is the not knowing what sort of beast it will shape up to be. I think the quote from Pablo Picasso is quite apt ‘I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.’

If you’re interested in getting in touch, for whatever reason (except money, of which I have none) you can contact me 24/7 365 days of the year at alivingwitch@hotmail.com

Be forever wyrd.